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The Shuttle MiniPress is a portable leg press that weighs only 15 lbs and attaches to any chair or wheelchair, eliminating the need for transfers. It can be used while seated, standing, or supine. 

Use with any Chair & Wheelchair Accessible - Attaches easily to any chair using retractable cords and eliminates the need for transfers. Combine this with the included roller wheels and the 15 lb MiniPress can travel with demand; from the clinic, to the home, and even to the sideline.

Adjustable Footplate - Adjustable from horizontal to 75 degrees for various degrees of flexion. The security strap can be used secure both the hand or foot, allowing for foot dorsiflexion exercises or as a heel cup in exercising patient hamstrings.

Total Knee Rehabilitation - The perfect choice for your total knee patients. It provides smooth controlled resistance ideal for developing flexion.

Elasticord Resistance - MiniPress resistance ranges from 2 to 80 lbs in a 15 lb portable leg press. The new finger grip elasticords allow for easy loading.

Self Retracting Securing Cords - Able to be attached to a bed, chair legs, or wheelchair structure in order to provide further stabilization. When the patient is done with their exercise, simply unhook the cords which retract conveniently into the MiniPress.

Accurate Tracking - The Distance Indicator Strips located on both rails allow you or the user to measure and document the exercise distance traveled. Use these metrics to gauge the patient’s progress and even motivate them.