3 Act Slide Package

  • $ 899.00

The 3ACT Slide's circular design and configurable stability blocks allow for direction of movement fore/aft, laterally, diagonally and circular, opening up an unlimited number of possibilities for the athlete and rehabilitation patient.

The movable stability blocks allow for easily tailored exercise patterns and workouts
addressing many performance, fitness and rehab objectives and controllable progressions.

Additionally, the 3ACT Slide is effective in boosting aerobic/anaerobic endurance and stamina, as well as serving as a foundation to develop balance. In fact, one of the most effective ways to use the Slider in physical therapy setting, is to strengthen muscles that support critical skeletal and muscular structures like ligaments. Athletic trainers and physical therapists alike can target location-specific benefits for feet, ankles, knees, the core, hips, and more. 

Portable, Versatile, Multi-directional

The 3ACT Slide is a patented, 6-foot circular slide board---a portable, self-contained, activity specific, fitness and rehabilitation tool.

The 3ACT Slide's multi-directional design allows tri-plane movement to simulate athletic and physical demands for a variety of sports and rehabilitation needs.

For the athlete and the physical therapist, the sliding surface demands increased muscular activity by emphasizing control of deceleration forces to optimize explosive athletic skill.

Dual sided stability blocks allow customized foot positioning, while offering safety and movement specific guidance.

Constructed from the highest quality polyethylene and EVA material combining durability and portability.

Package includes: 

  • 3ACT Board Platform (0001)
  • 3ACT Stability Blocks (0002)
  • 3ACT Shoe Cover (pair) (0003)
  • 3ACT Carry Bag (0004)