Intelect Legend 2 - 2 Channel Combo NEW MODEL

  • $ 4,656.00

he Intelect® Legend 2 is the next generation in physical medicine modalities. Its clever design and intuitive features make Intelect® Legend 2 the choice for today’s modern practice.

Intelect® Legend 2 is a two-channel or four-channel combo electrotherapy system used with or without an optional cart.

Each unit features Chattanooga’s proprietary VMS waveform which enables stronger, more efficient muscle contractions while the suggested protocols reduce treatment setup time to help improve clinic workflow

  • VMS Waveform

Chattanooga's proprietary VMS waveform achieves stronger muscle contractions and less neural fatigue while still providing a more comfortable experience for the patient.

  • SPS Menu

Therapists are able to set up a treatment within 3 button pushes by selecting an indication rather than having to select every waveform and parameter.

  • 12 Electrotherapy Waveforms

VMS, VMS Burst, Interferential, Premod, Asymmetric Biphasic, Symmetric Biphasic, High Volt, Microcurrent, Russian, HAN, Direct Current, VMS FR

  • Sleek Industrial Design

Impressive aesthetics combined with a familiar app-like software experience makes the device more intuitive and enjoyable for therapists and patients.

  • Dual frequency ultrasound

1MHz or 3.3 MHz capability with 1cm2, 2cm2, 5cm2 and 10cm2 applicator options.