Intelect Legend 2 - 4 Channel Comb NEW MODEL

  • $ 5,448.00

The Intelect® Legend 2 is the next generation in physical medicine modalities. Its clever design and intuitive features make Intelect® Legend 2 the choice for today’s modern practice.

Intelect® Legend 2 is a four-channel combo electrotherapy system used with or without an optional cart.

  • 2&Go Treatments

Save up to 12 preset or custom protocols directly on the home screen to begin treatments within 2 button pushes.

  • VMS Waveform

Chattanooga's proprietary VMS waveform achieves stronger muscle contractions and less neural fatigue while still providing a more comfortable experience for the patient.

  • SPS Menu

Therapists are able to set up a treatment within 3 button pushes by selecting an indication rather than having to select every waveform and parameter.

  • Magnetic Cart

Optional cart with magnetic attachment removes the need for any tools during installation making it simple to move the device throughout the clinic.

  • 12 Electrotherapy Waveforms

VMS, VMS Burst, Interferential, Premod, Asymmetric Biphasic, Symmetric Biphasic, High Volt, Microcurrent, Russian, HAN, Direct Current, VMS FR

  • Sleek Industrial Design

Impressive aesthetics combined with a familiar app-like software experience makes the device more intuitive and enjoyable for therapists and patients.

  • Dual frequency ultrasound